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New Comic Book Day 11/11/2017

If you aren’t reading this yet, then go get it. I love Dan Panasians @urbanbarbarian style. Some of the most interesting work I’ve seen in a long time.

So sad to see Terry Moore’s Moter Girl go, but if that means we get a new Strangers In Paradise series then I guess I’m cool with it.

Hope the new #moonknight will be good. Jeff Lemire introduced me to the character. I went back and read a lot of his history over the last year, but nothing topped Lemire and Greg Smallwoods run for me. Fingers crossed.

New Comic Book Day! 01/11/017

I don’t have much time this week, so here are some quick takes.

If Moonshine, was just about prohibition and gangsters, I would possibly be my favorite book. I love the team, 100 bullets is an all time favorite and I love the time period … I’m just not into the whole Werewolf thing. But the team alone will keep me reading for now.

Southern Bastards has such a unreliable shipping schedule but it’s worth the wait. I’m really interested to see how “what’s his name” from the first chapters daughter will play into this. I hope we get back to that story soon.

Outcast is still great (I need to watch the tv show still). I feel like it is starting to drag it’s feet a little. I want to say that it could just be from reading monthly … I bet it reads better in trade, BUT, Walking Dead is satisfying almost each month, so IDK. I feel like Kirkman just needs to just tell us what is going on and move on or leave the mystery as is but focus on different aspect of the story besides what’s currently going on with the big bad (I’m horrible with names and too lazy to look it up).

I’m an issue behind on Invisible republic, so not much to say.

Jessica Jones is solid, I’m not sure I buy the reason for her going to jail and making things such a mess with Luke Cage, but we still don’t know the details. I’ll hold out that it comes together. It doesn’t matter either way, it’s Bendis and Gayos, Alias (Classic), part 2 … I’m in for the long haul.

Speaking of Alias  …

Until next week!

New Comic Book Day! 01/04/016

I skipped a couple weeks because of the holidays so I was anxious to get to my LCS. There were so many good books this week that I’m not sure where to start.

I’m so glad to see Smallwood back on Moon Knight full time, he is probably my favorite artist right now. I love what he is doing on this book. I’m also anxious to see if there is any big twist or death at the end of this Walking Dead arch. I think the art on WD is the best it’s ever been. I really liked Charlie Allreds past work on it, but it did get a little rough. But what do you expect, he was drawing/inking a monthly book (most years more than monthly) single handedly that came out like clockwork, so I give him a pass. But now that there is an inker and colorist(grey tones) to help, it is so much more refined. I didn’t like the way the new inker inked Charlies work at first, but he has really grown into it.

The more I think about it the more I realize Deadly Class is my favorite book overall right now … if I had to pick one. I’ve raved about it before, the writing, wit, art, characters, it’s all great. Remender and Craig are knocking it out of the park. The new Class has really grown on me and in many ways these characters are more intriguing than the original group. Plus when a book can make you actually laugh out loud with what is essentially a 4-5 page fart joke, you know you’re on to something. Now, having praised these other books, I can’t believe the book that I am anxious to read first is … The Flinstones. Yes, the Flintstones, lol.

The Flintstones really is good, don’t roll your eyes. I still don’t believe it and never would have given it a chance if it wasn’t for the iFanboy podcast constantly talking about it. They wore me down so I decided to try it last month. I wrote about it here. I like that it’s basically a one and done story and is a quick easy read. A lot of these other books, I feel like I have to re-read the previous issue or go back and at least flip through to remember everything that is going on. That’s not a knock on any of the writers, just the fact that I have a poor memory and read/watch too many different books/series. The Flintstones were also a childhood favorite of mine. I remember during summer breaks, back in the day when we only had four channels (3 networks and some Canadian channel), this would come on in the middle of the day. Since there was nothing else on but soaps and news and there wasn’t always something fun and exciting to do outside, it became something I looked forward to each day. When you think Flintstones you probably think kids. But keep in mind this is not a kids book, they are definitely writing for adults. Most people don’t realize that the Flinstones were the Simpsons of their time. They aired in Prime Time and it written for adults to enjoy. It was a cartoon version of the Honey Mooners. I can’t believe I keep going on about this book. I’m done. Until next time.

New Comic Book Day! 12/14/16

Another week another trip to the comic store. I can’t wait to dive into Reborn, Jessica Jones and Moonshine this week. I can’t decide which to read first. I grabbed Rockstars simply because I’m a sucker for Image number one’s. I’m just hoping to get in on the ground running with the next Walking Dead or Saga. Unfortunatly there hasn’t been anything great lately. Mayday, Motor Crush and Violent Love were some recents image number one’s that all fell short. Violent Love sounded promising, a Bonie and Clyde type of story that had some cool art but was it was a let down. I am always on the lookout for a good Christmas comic too. People watch the same Christmas specials and movies each year, but there aren’t many great Christmas comics that you want to revisit each year. DC Rebirths Holiday Speicial, isn’t one of them, although the flash story was ok.  I had to try it out thought. I also grabbed Optimus Prime for my son, it looks good, I’ll be checking it out but it will be hard to top “More Than Meets the Eye” for me. That was just just a fun story. I picked up handful of dollar bin X-men books to fills some gaps and a stack of older IDW Transformers to give Logan for Christmas! Until next week!

Comic Book Day! 12/07/2016

Here is my haul this week. Walking Dead is still my go to book. I don’t usually talk about it because it is so popular and over saturated in pop culture because of the show. But, I have been reading it since the beginning and it still is as good as it’s ever been. For the rest … I am still really digging Invisible Republic. It so underrated I hope it sticks around. Moon Knight is good, but it loses something without Greg Smallwood doing the art. When he is on the book it goes from good to great … maybe even borderline classic. I love his style for this, I plan to search out all of his older books. Check Smallwoods work out here.

It seems crazy, but people are raving about this Flintstones book so I thought I would check it out. It isn’t a kids book. In the story, Bedrock is the first society ever. The first generation to leave the wild and begin a civilization. This allows the creators a great vehicle to comment on our current civilization, examing serious issues like gender norms, depression in veterans, capitalism, genocide, the shallow nature of materialism. I’m not doing it justice, but it is really interesting and after reading the first six issues I decided to add it to my pull list.


Comic Book Day! 10/26/16

New Books I am reading …


Invisible Republic is my favorite book, hands down. Image is putting out the best books right now with out question, the creativity coming from them is insane. I’m not a big DC guy other than Batman (dark and street level Batman) and he is usually the only thing I read from them. I ignored Batman Rebirth at first, I didn’t really like what I saw with some sort of flying super hero in it. I want to keep up with the character, so I finally checked it out. I was surprised, I’ll stick around to see how it goes. I really liked this new Calendar Man idea too. I won’t spoil it for the single digits of people that read this, but it is really cool.

I had to mention that Paul Azaceta and Elizabeth Breitweiser are doing amazing work on Outcast too. This is a big inspiration to the work I am doing on my new book. I opened this up and I was like, this is exactly what I am trying to make my book look like. I have been using a color scheme similar to this, it fits the mood of my upcoming book perfectly.


Dollar bin pickups to fill in my X-Men runs …


I am trying to complete my Uncanny X-men run from when I was a kid. I always wanted to read all the classic X stories. That is actually something on my bucket list … to read the entire X-Men run from 1 on.

Finally, through Marvel Unlimited I am trying to catch up on some other great runs that I missed out on during my reading hiatus. Besides X-men I am also reading the Bendis Daredevil run. When I was growing up I didn’t pay much attention to that character. But after reading Mark Waids recent take on the character and since the tv show came out, I am intrigued. I am loving this. Alex Maleev’s art is amazing. I have had screen grabs of his work in my “inspiration folder” for years, but never really read a book of his. I didn’t even realize he was on this until I started reading it. And Bendis is so easy to read. I don’t know a better way to explain it or if that is the right way. His writing isn’t shallow or simple or anything, but it’s just easy to read. His dialogue flows and before you know you have read 4-5 issues. I really wasn’t reading comics when he got big and took over Marvel. So it’s cool to go back and see what made him the name he is. Great stuff.


Comic Book Day! 10/19/16


My pick up this week. Invisible Republic is hands down the best book out right now. Psyched to have a new Alias (Jessica Jones) book out by Bendis and Gaydos. I love some Gaydos art. I’m not sure about Moonshiners yet, but Azzarello and Risso are awesome together, 100 bullets is one of my favorite series all time. It was one of the books responsible for getting me back into comics after a long hiatus.


Dollar bin finds! I am working on filling in my x-men run from the 70’s and 80’s. This was one of, if not my favorite book overall when I was a kid. These all fill gaps in my collection. They are books I missed out on for one reason or another back in the day.