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Script Update

You know, I don’t have a lot of time to work on my new comic, but I am making progress. With 2 kids, a business to run and other responsibilities of “grown up”, like spending half my Sunday every week for 2 months raking up leaves from the 30 trees in my yard, it is hard to find extra time. I spend a lot of nights where I fire up the computer at midnight to get an hour in here and there. Last night I had a big breakthrough with working out something complicated with the story. One day soon I will write a post about my writing process … until then, proof that I am actually working on the comic … Screenshots from my script in Evernote.

img_1365 img_1366

Style Test / Character Design

abnormals-sketchHere is a preliminary art test from my upcoming new comic. I was still working out the style for the book and testing character designs with this one. I used a brush instead of the usual Microns. I like it overall, but I feel like this ended up being a little too cartoony for the serious and dark tone of the new story. Plus I made the decision to go with color over black and white. So it’s was back to the drawing board to tweak the style and color palette. Stay tuned for more.