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Script Update

You know, I don’t have a lot of time to work on my new comic, but I am making progress. With 2 kids, a business to run and other responsibilities of “grown up”, like spending half my Sunday every week for 2 months raking up leaves from the 30 trees in my yard, it is hard to find extra time. I spend a lot of nights where I fire up the computer at midnight to get an hour in here and there. Last night I had a big breakthrough with working out something complicated with the story. One day soon I will write a post about my writing process … until then, proof that I am actually working on the comic … Screenshots from my script in Evernote.

img_1365 img_1366

This weeks inspiration

Here is some weekly inspiration. I clipped some of these because of the color schemes. I love the color used in Deadly class. I also love the texture used by Greg Smallwood in Moon Knight. As a graphic designer by trade there are lot of interesting layouts integrating type that I like and have pulled some inspiration from. I think I may make this a regular feature. I do this anyways for myself. I keep a folder of inspiration and reference. Why not share!




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Comic Book Day! 12/07/2016

Here is my haul this week. Walking Dead is still my go to book. I don’t usually talk about it because it is so popular and over saturated in pop culture because of the show. But, I have been reading it since the beginning and it still is as good as it’s ever been. For the rest … I am still really digging Invisible Republic. It so underrated I hope it sticks around. Moon Knight is good, but it loses something without Greg Smallwood doing the art. When he is on the book it goes from good to great … maybe even borderline classic. I love his style for this, I plan to search out all of his older books. Check Smallwoods work out here.

It seems crazy, but people are raving about this Flintstones book so I thought I would check it out. It isn’t a kids book. In the story, Bedrock is the first society ever. The first generation to leave the wild and begin a civilization. This allows the creators a great vehicle to comment on our current civilization, examing serious issues like gender norms, depression in veterans, capitalism, genocide, the shallow nature of materialism. I’m not doing it justice, but it is really interesting and after reading the first six issues I decided to add it to my pull list.


Style Test / Character Design

abnormals-sketchHere is a preliminary art test from my upcoming new comic. I was still working out the style for the book and testing character designs with this one. I used a brush instead of the usual Microns. I like it overall, but I feel like this ended up being a little too cartoony for the serious and dark tone of the new story. Plus I made the decision to go with color over black and white. So it’s was back to the drawing board to tweak the style and color palette. Stay tuned for more.