Comic Book Day! 10/21/16


My pick up this week. Invisible Republic is hands down the best book out right now. Psyched to have a new Alias (Jessica Jones) book out by Bendis and Gaydos. I love some Gaydos art. I’m not sure about Moonshiners yet, but Azzarello and Risso are awesome together, 100 bullets is one of my favorite series all time. It was one of the books responsible for getting me back into comics after a long hiatus.


Dollar bin finds! I am working on filling in my x-men run from the 70’s and 80’s. This was one of, if not my favorite book overall when I was a kid. These all fill gaps in my collection. They are books I missed out on for one reason or another back in the day.

Style Test / Character Design

abnormals-sketchHere is a preliminary art test from my upcoming new comic. I was still working out the style for the book and testing character designs with this one. I used a brush instead of the usual Microns. I like it overall, but I feel like this ended up being a little too cartoony for the serious and dark tone of the new story. Plus I made the decision to go with color over black and white. So it’s was back to the drawing board to tweak the style and color palette. Stay tuned for more.

Throwback Illustration

Some art I did back in my college days. It’s a good example of my style back then. On a side note, I am pretty sure this was my first freelance job in design or illustration ever. I was contracted to draw a series of 20 something illustrations that were intended to be included in some kids novel. Unfortunately the writer wasn’t able to get it published but it was a great opportunity for the time. clarity

Ok. Here we go …

This is a very bare bones site design. I just wanted to get something up and running as soon as possible … a place to display my illustration and comics work. I plan to build up the site design as time goes on, I am a graphic designer by trade after all. But the focus of this site is illustration not design, so here we go …